Ninebit Welcome To Horrorwood Vinyl

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Ninebit Welcome To Horrorwood Vinyl

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Release Date: October 25, 2024


True to a horror franchise, there’s always a sequel. Following in the bloody footsteps of its predecessor, the 9-bit version of Welcome To Horrorwood takes a serious stab at providing chiptune versions of 14 more bloody tracks from your favorite horror film. 

LP1 Side A 

1. Opening Night (9-Bit Version) 
2. Welcome To Horrorwood (9-Bit Version)
3. A Rash Decision (9-Bit Version)
4. Assault & Batteries (9-Bit Version)

LP1 Side B

5. The Shower Scene (9-Bit Version)
6. Funeral Derangements (9-Bit Version)
7. Rainy Day (9-Bit Version)

LP2 Side C

8. Hip To Be Scared (9-Bit Version)
9. Take Your Pick  (9-Bit Version)
10. The Box  (9-Bit Version)

LP2 Side D

11. F.L.Y. (9-Bit Version)
12. Wurst Vacation (9-Bit Version)
13. Ex-mortis (9-Bit Version)
14. Farewell II Flesh (9-Bit Version)