"The Silver Scream - A True Crime Story" - Black Vinyl Audiobook narrated by Tony Todd

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"The Silver Scream - A True Crime Story" - Black Vinyl Audiobook narrated by Tony Todd

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The Silver Scream Novelizations - Vinyl Audiobook narrated by Tony Todd. Limited Edition Red Vinyl.

"They say it's hard getting into the movies...try getting out!"

Fresh from the cutting room floor, The Silver Scream exposes the bloodiest behind-the-scenes details of the most gruesome, shocking, true-crime tragedy of our time. Part autopsy, part grisly director’s “cut,” this is the only book with a comprehensive exploration inside the mind of America’s notorious, celluloid-obsessed, rock star turned cinema-copycat murderer, Spencer Charnas. Bayonet Award–winning television reporter Roy Merkin is the only storyteller in possession of the journals scrawled by disgraced psychotherapist Dr. Ian Black. The Silver Scream reconstructs, with unflinching detail, how fiction became fact, art imitated death, and the most horrific movie murders by the likes of Jason, Leatherface, Freddy, Michael, and the rest became real. Merkin courageously slashes open the ghoulish mind and tortured nightmares of Spencer himself, probing deeply, with razor-sharp precision. Learn how the box office created so many oblong boxes. Understand why this rock n’ roll heartthrob chose to stop so many human hearts.

About Roy Merkin

Roy Merkin is the Bayonet Award-winning journalist America trusts. Fearless, hard-charging, and unrelenting, Merkin stops at nothing to dig through the dirt, grime, and mud until he’s touched the deepest insides of a story. An expert in Criminology, Serial Killers, True Crime, and Podcasting, with a Bachelor of Arts in Disruption and Music Therapy, from the prestigious University of Farmington in Michigan, Merkin’s tenacious reporting on the Spencer Charnas case riveted viewers. He is the author of three other books, including Make-Up and Murder: The Colorful Kisses of the Lipstick KillerGhosts of the Appalachian Hill People; and The Devastation of Divorce.